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SoShi Roles in 'Mr Mr'

  • Taeyeon:Spends most of her time in the children's wing teaching the little ones how to use a stethoscope with the help of her trusty bear, "Little Mr". However, she specializes more in stopping hearts than checking them.
  • Jessica:The owner of this fine hospital. Her policy, "once you enter in you will never walk out". Patients should read the fine print a little better before they sign next time.
  • Sunny:Sugary sweet and the first face you'll meet upon arrival. Don't let the smiles fool you, once you turn around...well, let's just say she really knows how to "stab someone in the back".
  • Tiffany:The drop dead sexy nurse who is more than happy to nurse you back to health...or maybe quite the opposite.
  • Hyoyeon:A day without an autopsy is boring. She sits in the morgue waiting for the next victim to be handed her way. Or she'll come into your room and bring you down onto the slab herself.
  • Yuri:Addicted to the morphine. Suffering from frequent black outs, she often finds herself waking up in one of the surgical rooms with a body strapped to the table and their heart sitting in a tray.
  • Sooyoung:The psycho surgeon. This girl is a whiz with the scalpel and has never fainted at the sight of blood. You want anesthetics? Sorry. You won't feel anything in a minute anyway.
  • Yoona:The go-to if all you want is a checkup. I wouldn't trust her prescriptions, though. Once you start taking them, you'll only continue to get sicker so you have to come back. No worry. She'll always greet you on your return with a cheery, "Welcome back!"
  • Seohyun:In charge of providing the patients with food and sustenance. Careful. For her the saying should go, "an apple a day - a slow death you will pay".
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